general labor

General labor are a vital part of the Canada supply chain. They hold goods and equipment until they are ready to be distributed to different shops, stores, supermarkets, and for online deliveries.

Working as a general labor operative in the logistics sector will mean that you are part of a massive industry, which employs one in every twelve people in the Canada.The role has a variety of job titles, including packagers, assembly line workers, lumpers, cleaners, security, etc.

Jobs refer to shift work that keeps operating around the clock, every day of the week.

shift work

Working in a team, you’re likely to do a variety of jobs in the process, such as taking delivery of goods into a warehouse for sorting, stacking and storage and then eventually picking and packing items for dispatch as they are sent on their way to our high streets, businesses and out-of-town stores.


Working in a team,

We often take care of our workers and let them have proper knowledge about their safety and health at work place.