There are several things that help us stand out from the crowd – and taking exceptional care of our talent is one of them. We offer WHMIS, TRANSPORTATION OF DANGEROUS GOODS, HOURS OF SERVICE, DEFENCE DRIVING, WAREHOUSE SAFETY, AND FORKLIFT SAFETY in the industry. The result is a creative workforce that is happier, more motivated, and well balanced. In addition, that is great news for you.

In fact, ask us about our guarantee. That is how much we stand behind our talent, our staff, and the way we do things.



As a recruitment agency  our biggest asset is our candidates who work hard for us and there safety is the foremost thing for us.Hence, we prefer to go along with many precautions and policies to hire the best fit got the job who know what are the precautions needed to be taken.
When our applicants came in for the hiring procedure we make sure each one of them is given proper training about WHMIS, followed by their skills safety.

  • For commercial driver, we provide them proper training of the pre-trip inspection, hours of services, defense driving, etc.
  • For skilled labor like forklift drivers, welders, machine operators we prefer them to go through the test followed by the advice of wearing safety shoes, safety glasses and safety vest.
  • For our general labor, we make sure they know their rights and often advise them to wear safety hoes, safety glasses, safety hat and safety vest as required by the company.
  • Once we are confirmed about the candidate safety, we send them to work with proper instructions.
  • If candidate seems to be, disobeying the safety policies and not following the company procedures. We call them for the reassessment and make them go through the test again.

Our safety policies have three-step procedure if the employee disobey the policies.