we offer :

Industry-related information such as current wage levels and candidate activity.

Supply of CV short-lists, full of the best available candidates for your role.

Save time by meeting only candidates who have been pre-qualified. This essentially means that anyone you interview has already been through a pre-interview and vetting process with us.

Intermediary duties: we will help you deliver difficult or negative feedback, and assist with communications throughout the hiring process.

Interview and assessment days, which consist of a full day of pre-screened interviews to save time and expedite the hiring process.

Navigating offers and counter offers: candidates tend to feel more comfortable discussing feedback and options with a neutral third party, as this allows them to be entirely honest about interviews and offers. This allows us to have frank conversations with your prospective hires and find the underlying cause of what may be holding them back from accepting your offer.

Sourcing and verifying references and testimonials

Assistance with salary/offer negotiation to make sure you get the most qualified professional available at a price that suits both you and your newest hire.