• A good listener and clear communicator. Recruiting starts and ends with listening. We take copious notes and track all interactions in our database because people are unique and so are their needs. We often make sure we have proper details of the candidate which further make us on same page.
  • Creates a sense of urgency so that matches actually get made and no time is wasted. Hiring managers have their day jobs, and candidates have their jobs too. Our job is hiring, and if we don’t drive the process forward then no one will, resulting in lots of wasted time on processes started but not successfully completed. Hence, we make sure that none of the applicants are free and we try to put our applicants on work in 48 hours.
  • Have a keen sense of timing, patience and the ability to act quickly when the time is right. The majority of the time, candidates change jobs when the time is right. It’s our job to track their career and have the right opportunity at that moment.



Fusion placement solution is recognized as a provider of outstanding personalized service to both clients and applicants. We specialize in temporary staffing, permanent staffing general labor, and customized staffing solutions. Located in Mississauga for over 5 years, we have gained a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the local job market.

Applicant pool
Our clients benefit from our ability to connect to a diverse group of experienced, qualified and dedicated applicants. With a constant influx of new talent, we have built an applicant pool in excess of 200,000. Drawing from this exceptional network enables us to select the highest caliber candidates to fit your business and culture.

Dedicated recruiter
With a decade years of experience in the staffing industry, our Recruiters are experts at evaluating talent and managing client relationships. Additionally, we have experienced almost no turnover in this critical role. Their dedication to our business enables us to provide our clientele with unparalleled quality and continuity of service.

Fusion Placement Solutions utilizes social media at a large scale in order to do the hiring procedure. This technology streamlines the process for applicant search, onboarding, distribution of job order requests, timesheet approvals, performance appraisals, background checks, invoices, and metrics reports.

Our business has expanded as a direct result of our ability to provide outstanding service, which continues to attract new clients and applicants based on our reputation.
Our Recruiters are available 24/7 for all of your staffing needs. Find out how Fusion can help you!